Victorian Style Metal Lamp Bases

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Handel & Tiffany Style Metal Lamps & Lamp Bodies

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WallSconce60515.jpg (26081 bytes)

Ornate Wall Sconce, with shades, wired -


  9009_WhiteShade.jpg (22785 bytes) 9009White_On.jpg (18653 bytes) 9009WhiteOn.jpg (15654 bytes)

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#63848 Satin Glass (Acid Etch) Rib Shade, 5-1/2" high, 14" spread 

#9009 Antique brass finish cast metal double-cluster lamp   (22" to top of finial), 7-1/2" base



 Double Cluster Table Lamp

VictColLamp.jpg (30760 bytes)  VictColLamp2.jpg (42014 bytes)

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#63762 Glass Lampshade with Periwinkle Blue Irises and White Daisies    (14-1/4" diameter, 6-1/2" high)

(more pictures of glass shade 63762 below)

One-of-a -kind, Vintage Victorian Cast Metal Column Lamp, New 5" Onyx break, New Cast Metal Base, Double-Cluster Pull-chain Sockets, 8-foot brown cord     24-1/2" from table top to top of finial.




 Tiffany & Handel style Lamps with Reverse Painted Glass Shades


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Limited Supply - call for availability and prices

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Lamp Base Without Shade 

Suitable for 8" glass shade as shown in picture above

LittleLamp.jpg (18419 bytes) 

14" tall, single candelabra (small) size socket.  Comes with heat cap & aperture ring.



Small #9009

Small9009on.jpg (19561 bytes)  Small9009a.jpg (27404 bytes)

15-1/2" tall to top of finial.  (Lamp body from table top to bottom of harp saddle is 7-1/4" tall.) 

 Shown with 8-inch "Roses" reverse-painted glass shade.  Depending on where you want to put this lamp, a shorter harp can be provided.  Single, standard size light bulb socket with pull chain.



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 9009Poppies.jpg (25008 bytes)  9009PoppiesOn.jpg (26008 bytes)  9009PoppiesOn2.jpg (26384 bytes)

9009 Antique brass finish cast metal double-cluster lamp without shade

12" Reverse-painted 'Poppies' shade

(Other 12" reverse-painted shades in stock:  Parrots, Hydrangeas, & Roses)

Shipping & Insurance (2 separate boxes) 


9009BlueIris.jpg (29003 bytes) 9009BlueIris2.jpg (18891 bytes)  Glass63762.jpg (15176 bytes) 9009Lamp.jpg (17595 bytes) 

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#63762 Glass Lampshade with Periwinkle Blue Irises and Daisies    (14-1/4" diameter, 6-1/2" high)

#9009 Antique brass finish cast metal double-cluster lamp   (22" to top of finial)


Ideal boudoir-size lamp for Small Crescent Lampshade

CrescentLamp.jpg (21018 bytes)

One-piece cast metal, antique brass finish,  13" tall from table top to top of lamp socket; #7 harp 



20650Lamp.jpg (44723 bytes) 20650Lamp2.jpg (30733 bytes)


Tiffany style cast metal, antique brass finish, 3-way turn knob switch, Base diameter 8",  18" tall to top of socket.


20715_Lamp.jpg (23526 bytes) 20715DblClusterLamp.jpg (40150 bytes)


Double-cluster, pull-chain, Tiffany style lamp, antique brass finish.  Base 8-1/2" diameter, 26" tall to top of shade rest.


M1232TiffanyLamp.jpg (34031 bytes)

M1232 (only one available... can't get any more)

20" tall Tiffany style, antique brass finish, Base 7-1/2" diameter, 15-1/2" to top of socket.  3-way turn knob switch.



69728Lamp.jpg (25126 bytes) 69728TiffanyBase.jpg (35322 bytes)  69728TiffLampTop.jpg (18021 bytes) 69728TiffanyLamp.jpg (21986 bytes)

Copy of original Tiffany design, 3-pull chain socket cluster, 23" tall to top of shade rest.  Aperture ring, heat cap, and finial included.  Dark bronze color with green patina finish.  Excellent for reverse-painted dome shades or stained-glass shades.  #69728     (Bulbs not included). Click on pictures to enlarge.

Left: #9009 Weathered Brass 14-1/4" Base only ,

 not wired

Right:  #9014 Satin Brass, complete lamp 

 15" tall to top of socket.  Only one available.

NOTE:  Prices shown for these 4 lamps & lamp bodies have been increased - call to get current pricing



French Bronze finish Die Cast Metal Lamp Body  

Slip 1/4 IP pipe, Height 18", Top diameter 1-1/4", Base diameter 7-1/2"

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