Shaolin feng shi die da gao 7x10(cm)x10

Disperses blood stasis and promotes blood circulation, relaxes tendons and relieves pain, expels wind and cold. It is used for bruises, rheumatic arthralgia, bruises, swelling and pain, and lumbar numbness.

Additional Information

Radix Aconitum, Radix Aconitum, Radix Aconitum, Baiji, Angelica, Baiji, Trionyx, Papaya, Triangle, Curcuma, Angelica, Red Peony, Cinnamon, Rhubarb, Forsythia, Dragon's Blood, Frankincense (Fried), No Medicine (fried), notoginseng, catechu, menthol, methyl salicylate, borneol.

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