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Call for estimate on complete lampshade restoration and replacement.    Even if you don't have the old frame, I have over 3,000 lampshade frames in stock in almost any size or style you might need.  Most lampshades never go out of style -- they just wear out from years of service.  Heat from too hot a light bulb tends to dry out the lining and it becomes crumbly and disintegrates.  We can replace worn-out linings with new fabric that will last a long time!  To make your lampshades last longer, be sure there is at least 3 inch clearance between the fabric and the light bulb.






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Reasonable prices - Finest materials - Prompt turnaround - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

50% Deposit Required Before Work is Begun



Inadequate packing can cause more damage to an already-distressed lampshade in shipment.

For tips on how to pack lampshades for safe shipment, please call toll free! 1-888-640-LAMP (5267)


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Before  (top spider missing - top and bottom rings bent)

 AnnBbefore5.jpg (193347 bytes) AnnBbefore1.jpg (329840 bytes) AnnBbefore2.jpg (192664 bytes) AnnBbefore4.jpg (213744 bytes) AnnBbox.jpg (155360 bytes)

Sloppy postal service employees did more damage than all the years this shade was in service!

(For tips on how to pack lampshades for shipment, please call toll free!

1-888-640-LAMP (5267)




  AnnBafter2.jpg (318607 bytes)  AnnBafter1.jpg (175442 bytes)  AnnBafter3.jpg (135664 bytes)

Outer shade was cleaned, steamed flat, and applied to pressure-sensitive styrene, on new wire rings, then finished with Grosgrain ribbon on top and bottom



 Before LLFlutedDrumBefore.jpg (29856 bytes)

After  LLFlutedAfterOn.jpg (24898 bytes) LLFlutedLiningAfter.jpg (29950 bytes)

Before PullamDrumsBefore.jpg (21861 bytes)  PullamDrums.jpg (22668 bytes)

After PulliamDrumsAfter.jpg (69628 bytes)  PulliamDrumsAfter2.jpg (30451 bytes)


NicoleDrum.jpg (29247 bytes)  Before           After  NicoleDrumOff.jpg (9836 bytes)  NicoleDrumOn.jpg (9490 bytes)

19" diameter,  24" tall


Reline - Before LLLiningBefore.jpg (20819 bytes)

PatDrumLining.jpg (22431 bytes) Reline - After  PatDrumReline.jpg (26922 bytes)


Before  WohlBefore1.jpg (33243 bytes) WohlBefore2.jpg (30060 bytes) WohlBefore3.jpg (34309 bytes)

After WohlAfter2.jpg (49789 bytes)  WohlAfter.jpg (58586 bytes) WohlAfter3.jpg (40532 bytes)

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Before    HiduBefore.jpg (55520 bytes)         After   HiduAfter.jpg (83353 bytes)  

HiduBraid.jpg (71599 bytes) HiduInside.jpg (56717 bytes)


KraftInside.jpg (50652 bytes)  KraftAfter.jpg (35731 bytes)   

Original Rembrandt Lampshade - After restoration

click here for more Rembrandt lampshades restored

JoeSBefore.jpg (40467 bytes) JoeSBefore2.jpg (40072 bytes)  Before

After  JjoeSAfterTrim.jpg (72858 bytes)   JoeSAfterTrim2.jpg (56915 bytes)

  JoeSAfter.jpg (78433 bytes) JoeSAfter2.jpg (76912 bytes)  JoeSAfterLining.jpg (129658 bytes)

RosaJBefore.jpg (29649 bytes)  Before

RosaJ1.jpg (22190 bytes) RosaJ2.jpg (18995 bytes) RosaJ3.jpg (17712 bytes) RosaJInside.jpg (24453 bytes)



RutherfordBefore1.jpg (61521 bytes) RutherfordBefore3.jpg (48103 bytes) RutherfordBefore2.jpg (114540 bytes) Before



RutherfordOn.jpg (41726 bytes) RutherfordFull.jpg (36778 bytes) RutherfordFront.jpg (58300 bytes) RutherfordLining.jpg (13150 bytes)

Original Colonial Premier Floor Lamp Shade
TonyBefore.jpg (24131 bytes)



Tony_After1.jpg (24672 bytes) TonyHome.jpg (35524 bytes)


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Floor Lampshade

BonnieBefore.jpg (43774 bytes) Before

AfterBonnieAfter3.jpg (56235 bytes)  BonnieAfter5.jpg (66355 bytes) BonnieFloorShade.jpg (16349 bytes) BonnieAfter2.jpg (54497 bytes) BonnieAfter1.jpg (56537 bytes)


Meehan.jpg (28200 bytes) MeehanLining.jpg (10368 bytes)

SnakeBraid.jpg (20768 bytes)


 MeehanAfter1.jpg (23277 bytes)MeehanAfter3.jpg (23784 bytes)MeehanAfter2.jpg (21867 bytes) After
Jacqueline2.jpg (72048 bytes)   Jacqueline3.jpg (24122 bytes)

After (no "before" pictures available)

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MacDonaldBefore.jpg (87497 bytes) Before

MacDonaldAfter.jpg (78687 bytes) MacDonaldAfter2.jpg (63329 bytes) After

MelissaBefore1.jpg (32202 bytes) MelissaBefore2.jpg (28616 bytes) MelissaAfter3.jpg (26374 bytes) MelissaAfter1.jpg (14960 bytes) 

Before                                   After

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WascherBefore.jpg (16825 bytes) WascherBefore2.jpg (18246 bytes) NortonDrum.jpg (17293 bytes)



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No shade too big or too small to be restored!  We can duplicate or restore almost any lampshade. 

"She can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear"!

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