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We now have more than 50 styles of Bridge Arms

Several bridge lamps and floor lamps are now in stock.  

Most of our bridge lamps are custom built to suit our customers' wishes. 

We use the highest quality materials available.

Bridge lamps have been around for almost a century, and are gaining popularity again today like no other style.

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DragonABFull.jpg (172743 bytes)  GiesaBridgeLamp.jpg (28266 bytes)

Dragon Bridge Lamp with Lancelot uno shade

click here to see more pictures of Dragon Bridge Lamp


Custom Bridge lamp using combination of vintage and new parts  SOLD.

BridgeLampRem.jpg (21021 bytes)    BridgeLampRem3.jpg (30291 bytes)   BridgeLampRem2.jpg (22531 bytes)

Base and Break from old Rembrandt floor lamp.  New 3/4" Brass Reeded Tubing,  North Wing bridge arm, 3-way Turn-Knob Socket & Glass Holder antique finished.

59-1/2" from floor to high point of arm.



BridgeLampOWMTop.jpg (39304 bytes) UnoShadeOWM2.jpg (73326 bytes)  UnoShadeOWM.jpg (75103 bytes)

BridgeLampBaseOWM.jpg (36568 bytes)    BridgeLampOWM.jpg (17817 bytes)

"Bows & Clover" Cast Iron bridge arm, Cast Iron column and base, 

Brass Reeded Tubing, with "Old World Map" hardback Uno shade**

**"Old World Map" material is out of production - replaced with "Old Map"



MaryBridge.jpg (32853 bytes)  MaryBridgeArm.jpg (42886 bytes)  MaryBridgeBreak.jpg (13597 bytes)  MaryBridgeBottom.jpg (47668 bytes)

"Mary" bridge lamp -  shipped unassembled (shade not included)

"Flower" shade sold separately


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DerekDarkBridge.jpg (78197 bytes)

Derek3.jpg (106516 bytes) DerekDarkBottom.jpg (74423 bytes) DecoCafe.jpg (49371 bytes)

Deco - dark antique finish

Derek2.jpg (183804 bytes)

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DerekBridgeLamp.jpg (62025 bytes)

Deco - light antique finish

DerekTop.jpg (61062 bytes)  DerekBase.jpg (79341 bytes)


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MargaretBridge.jpg (89815 bytes) 

MargaretArm.jpg (96096 bytes) MargaretBase.jpg (123224 bytes) MargaretTubing.jpg (27952 bytes) 


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Another version of 'Margaret' shown with Onyx column & break

DaveBridge2Top.jpg (15478 bytes) DaveBridge1Base.jpg (37944 bytes)


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DaveBridgeAtop.jpg (14850 bytes)  DaveBridgeAbottom.jpg (22781 bytes)


MogulLampHarvey.jpg (37689 bytes)     

BaseHarvey.jpg (45227 bytes)  TopHarvey.jpg (30520 bytes)

Vintage Traditional 3-Candelabra, center Mogul Floor Lamp, complete with new electrical components and 10" reflector bowl.    Shipped unassembled, without shade 

Period shades for above lamp

  Shade05840G.jpg (44076 bytes) RMReflector1.jpg (36823 bytes)

  Silk Dupioni Antique Gold 


Shade05840T.jpg (37532 bytes) RMReflector3on.jpg (33021 bytes)

  Silk Shantung Taupe


FauxRawhideFloor.jpg (246545 bytes)  FauxRawhide2.jpg (257454 bytes)  ReflectorFitter.jpg (16505 bytes)

Faux Rawhide reflector fitter shade for floor lamp



Gessler3.jpg (14337 bytes)   Gessler1.jpg (11276 bytes)  Gessler2.jpg (39528 bytes)

Single bulb floor lamp with 1" Brass Twist Tubing, Italian Brass Base & Column, 3" Onyx Ball

67-1/2" total height

Tassel for Pull Chain to match customer's lampshade

GesslerTassel.jpg (30871 bytes)

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TwistedBridgeTop.jpg (63331 bytes) TwistedBridgeCenter.jpg (15152 bytes) LyreTwistBase.jpg (36073 bytes)
"Twisted Bridge"

One of the finest lamps today!

All Satin Brass components with 2-1/2" Onyx Ball

Heavy, beautifully sculptured Italian Brass base 

(Shade of your choice is extra)


Other possibilities using different style Brass Tubing on any bridge lamp

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Base  shown below:   #E5707 solid Italian Brass 11-3/4" wide, 4" high, top seating diameter 2"   


HexBaseHexTubing.jpg (19628 bytes)



HexBaseRopeTubing.jpg (69715 bytes)

HexBaseIvyTubing.jpg (27161 bytes) HexBaseTwistTubing.jpg (13659 bytes)
Plain Hexagon 3/4" Rope 3/4" Embossed Ivy 3/4"


Twist 1"
VictorianFeather.jpg (29790 bytes)   ShipArmGreenShade.jpg (37043 bytes) ShipArm.jpg (37387 bytes) ArtDecoArm_GreenShade.jpg (33136 bytes) DecoBridgeArm.jpg (26101 bytes)

Bridge arms, Left to right:  Victorian Feather, Sailing Ship, Art Deco

russmob2.jpg (40354 bytes)

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BaseTriangleBrass.jpg (38791 bytes)

Cast Brass Base 12" wide, 3" high, top seating diameter 1-1/4" #E5462 


FeatherBridgeArmAB.jpg (49470 bytes) RopeColumn_Base.jpg (55740 bytes)

Cast Metal, Antique Brass Finish, very nice Onyx pieces and heavy base

"Feather & Rope"


click here to see the new "North Wind" bridge lamps

   DennyNWAll.jpg (54715 bytes)  BlueRoyLp.jpg (100001 bytes)  PF_NW2Top.jpg (72960 bytes)

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Lydia's Bridge Lamp with Tyrian shade
LydBridgeTyrian.jpg (59072 bytes)   LydBridgeAll.jpg (28784 bytes) LydBridge1.jpg (65001 bytes)
 LydBridgeTop.jpg (28778 bytes) LydBridge2.jpg (33077 bytes)LydBridgeTyr2.jpg (67382 bytes)

As shown, without shade,

Includes unusually high-quality components of Brass, Onyx, and Cast Metal pieces



"Hannah" bridge lamp - click on pictures to enlarge

 BubbleMyLamp.jpg (46925 bytes) 

KLBase_Column.jpg (37621 bytes)

All unusually high-quality components of solid Italian Brass & Onyx break

Arm is "Victorian Flower", with 3/4" Embossed Ivy Tubing

Shipped, unassembled, in two cartons, with complete assembly instructions


Black Crown Bridge Lamp

Cast Iron Base & Arm, Solid Brass 3/4" Rope Tubing, Deluxe 3-way Turn-Knob Brass Socket, 57" tall.  

Shipped Unassembled in 2 boxes.  Shipping cost depends on Zip Code.

   Inquire for pricing on Styrene and fabric Victorian style shades, or other glass shades.  

BlackCrownBridgeTop.jpg (77677 bytes) 

BlackCrownBridgeBase.jpg (88026 bytes)

BlackCrownBridge.jpg (51165 bytes)


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BridgeGlassGreen.jpg (34636 bytes)

Bridge Lamp Glass Shades   

Click the above link for more glass shades for bridge lamps

ChampagnePearl.jpg (45956 bytes)

Champagne Pearl Swirl Glass 

4" high 2-1/4" fitter, 4-7/8" spread



Vintage Art Deco Cast Iron 

Bridge Lamp

Original base, column, pole and arm

Years of paint removed, and re-primed to prevent rust.  A new coat of paint and assembly is all it needs.

With wing nut swivel, vintage pull-chain socket (new interior), and 14' new rayon covered cord with flat plug.

No shade included

Shipped unassembled, in two separate packages to save shipping costs.



ArtDecoBridgeLamp.jpg (79807 bytes)

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ArtDecoBridgeArm.jpg (71498 bytes)

ArtDecoBridgeColumn.jpg (105683 bytes)

Small Bridge Lamp - SOLD

Combination of old and new pieces.  New Cast Iron "Horn of Plenty" arm, with antique gothic-looking base; both blasted down to raw iron, then painted with several coats of Clear Lacquer.  Deluxe brass pull-chain socket.  3/4" Brass ribbed tubing.  42" center threaded pipe - overall height approximately 48".  Brass shade holder is for small glass shade with 2-1/4" fitter.  12-foot Gold Clear cord.

Will be shipped in 2 separate boxes, unassembled, with complete instructions.



HOP_BridgeLampTop.jpg (43830 bytes)

HOP_BridgeLampBase.jpg (86513 bytes)

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Horn_of_plenty_bridge_lamp.jpg (31675 bytes)

"Royal" bridge lamp, with Royal uno-threaded lampshade frame

Beautiful Solid Brass Base with Onyx break in center,  Onyx Column above base, brass 3/4" Embossed Ivy tubing*, solid brass "Leaves"  bridge arm and  husk   56" tall.

*This style tubing has been discontinued.  We still have 1" Embossed Ivy tubing.

(This one is Sold - Base no longer available)

Shade extra, cost depends on fabrics and trims. 

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RoyalShade2.jpg (49729 bytes)

RoyalBase.jpg (56817 bytes)

RoyalCenter.jpg (29378 bytes)
 Antique Brass Finish Base #10075 with 6" Onyx Insert and M1038 antique brass finish Break.

Far right:

Cast Brass Bridge Arm E6106 with 2-1/8" Onyx Donut

(3/4" Embossed Ivy Brass Tubing no longer available)

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RamseyBase.jpg (74170 bytes) Ramsey.jpg (36507 bytes)
BirdcageBridge.jpg (34758 bytes)

This  is not an ordinary bridge lamp!  It was custom built to hold a Victorian birdcage!

61" overall height, 10-1/2" spread, 7" tall cast iron bridge arm.   

Shown with 3/4"brass embossed tubing, Onyx insert with cast metal base & column

Shipped, disassembled in 2 boxes

To make it into a beautiful bridge lamp requires only a cord, socket, & swivel 


BirdcageBridge2.jpg (29761 bytes)
Beautiful Cast Brass "Ladies with Lyre" Bridge Arm Floor Lamp.   All new Cast Brass components with Onyx break. 

 Bridge Arm 11986 unfinished brass,  Deluxe Italian Brass Base, shown with Solid Brass Column and Reeded Tubing,  3" Onyx Ball

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lyrehead.jpg (17184 bytes)

lyrebase.jpg (41111 bytes)

lyreonyx.jpg (25256 bytes)
Scaletta2.jpg (10147 bytes)

Tubing in this picture looks dark... but the true color is a shown in the picture of the base section on the right 

 Scaletta3.jpg (55667 bytes) Scaletta1.jpg (40519 bytes)


With this adjustable cluster, the total completed height of the lamp will be 67" if you use a 54" long center pipe.  If this seems too tall for your large shade, the next shorter pipe is 50" long.

       FloorLampTop.jpg (24666 bytes)  JeffFloorLamp.jpg (49660 bytes)  JeffFloorLamp2.jpg (48421 bytes) VB_BrassLmp.jpg (47597 bytes)

This floor lamp built to go with Roman Bronze table lamps.   

A larger custom Victorian Beauty frame is being made for the floor lamp to match the table lamp on the right. 

(click on any of these these pictures to enlarge them)

Our inventory is constantly changing.   Every lamp we make has it's own personality with a unique blend of new, vintage, antique, or a combination of components to make a beautiful lamp for you.  Tell us what you want!   Prices depend on various pieces you select.  

"Bathing Woman" 

 This wonderful floor lamp is made of all new components (base shown on right).  


This one was made with all new Brass and Onyx


(Left)  Base of the "Bathing Woman" floor lamp.   Complete lamp (without shade)

A blend of new and old components


 Silk Shade with Glass Beads


"Sugar Shade" for Floor Lamp

Burn-out Velvet and gathered Silk Chiffon overlays.  Center panel on front and back with Victorian girl images "sugared".  Trimmed with  4" custom-dyed dusty rose fringe and finished with Rose French Scroll Trim.


Click on this link to see another version of "Kristine"


  Pink Silk Jacquard "Haley" bridge lamp shade, 3" translucent bead fringe.   

Click here to see other versions of the "Haley" bridge lamp shade


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 Finial Collection  

Coming soon:   Novelty Lampshades using your own photographs.  Think of it... your hobbies or favorite flowers, birds, dog, cat, or any other animal on your own lampshade.  Truly a "one-of-a-kind" made just for you!

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