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Table Lamp Bases, Floor Lamp Bases, Lamp Replacement Parts, Lamp Parts in stock.  If we don't have it in stock today, we can usually get what you're looking for within a week or 10 days.  Call if you're looking for a particular lamp base not shown here.  Visit our other links on the home page for other lamp parts and beautiful custom lampshades and Victorian lampshades for table lamps, Bridge Lamps, and floor lamps.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  Made in the USA!

Floor Lamp Bases

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Cast Metal Floor Lamp Bases


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Iron, Brass, Cast Metal Floor Lamp Bases


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Descriptions below


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Satin Black Cast Iron Column and Base.

Column #11410i    9-1/4" high, slips 1/4 IPS   

Base #10070i   10" x 3-1/2" high, tapped 1/4 IPS weighs 6 pounds 3 ounces   

1Base.jpg (21953 bytes) #10075 Footed Floor Lamp Base, antique brass finish cast metal.  6" inset, 2-1/4" high, 12-1/4" diameter, slips 1/4 IPS, weighs 5 lbs.,    

in stock


#14321  6" Flat Round Onyx Insert     


RoyalBase.jpg (56817 bytes)

Solid Brass Floor Lamp Base  11-3/4" wide, 4" high, top seating diameter 2"  Slips 1/4 IPS pipe, unfinished, #E5707    

(special order)

LampDBase.jpg (29680 bytes) 60862BBBase.jpg (57156 bytes) 60860Base.jpg (55265 bytes) 

Fine Quality Italian Cast Brass Floor Lamp Base, Height 3-1/2", Slips 1/4 IPS, top diameter 1-7/8", bottom diameter 11-3/4"

 Brushed Brass #60862     

  Raw Brass #60860   

Shown above base,  Cast Brushed Brass Break #50252,  inside top diameter 1-3/4", bottom diameter 2", height 3-1/2", slips 1/4 IPS,     


lyrebase.jpg (41111 bytes) In Stock

Italian Cast Brass 3-legged Floor Base. Unusual detail of woman's face atop a Lyre Harp.  Slips 1/4 IPS Pipe, Height 3-1/4", Top diameter 1-1/2", bottom outside diameter 14", Brushed Brass, #60872  Bottom Base Only   

Other Italian Brass components to go with Base 60872

  In Stock

Heavy High Quality Cast Italian Brass Break and Column for Floor Lamp or Bridge Lamp, slips 1/4 IP pipe. 

Brushed Brass Column #50222KL height 7-1/2", top diameter 1-3/8", bottom diameter 1-1/2"   

Brushed Brass Break #50252KL  3-1/2" high, inside top diameter 1-3/4", bottom diameter 2"  

Also available in high polished brass


PolBrassBase.jpg (22393 bytes) 60881   

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Lion's Foot Base configurations

"Lion's Foot" - High quality Brass four-part base assembly for lamps with size 1/8 IPS pipe.     Note:  These pieces can be modified to fit 1/4 IPS floor lamp pipe by drilling the center hole larger.

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     LionFeet.jpg (22981 bytes) 

E-5310 Base only, 9-1/2" spread, 2-1/2" tall, 4-1/2" seating area. 

E-5350     Round column 4"   

E-5351      Center Column Cup  

E-5165      Center Base CAP  

Not shown:  2 pound Loader Weight for under base 

BaseE5130.jpg (64568 bytes)    LionFootBaseOnly.jpg (40470 bytes) click on pictures to enlarge

The dull color shown above is Unfinished Brass; the shinier pieces are Polished & Lacquered

All pieces in stock in Unfinished Brass


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