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Add shipping and insurance to prices.  Unless otherwise stated, each item is sold separately - not as a complete set or complete lamp.   We stock all hardware for both 1/4 IPS and 1/8 IPS lamp components.    Many are shown at link to "Special Requested Lamp Parts"Call for further details.    Please note:  PayPal does not calculate shipping charges, so please call first.  

Vintage Jadite Bridge Lamp

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JaditeBridgeTop.jpg (10802 bytes)  JaditeBridgeBottom.jpg (27973 bytes)

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 Old Floor Lamp Bases, to be restored - Click on pictures to enlarge

OldFloorBases6.jpg (62163 bytes)  OldFloorBases3.jpg (46783 bytes)


Old Mogul, ornate 3-arm cluster Top for vintage Floor Lamp   SOLD

Old3Cluster.jpg (13915 bytes)  


Old Floor Lamp Arm 

 FloorLampArm.jpg (53925 bytes)

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 OldOpalPharmacy.jpg (42834 bytes)  OldPharmacyRP.jpg (54984 bytes)

Antique Pharmacy Shades, Opal 2-1/4" fitter


 OldOpalBreak.jpg (44702 bytes)

Very old Opal Swirl Break

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  Pictures below are thumbnails... click to enlarge to full size

AntVictFlowerArm.jpg (27473 bytes) AntVictFlowerMiddle.jpg (9732 bytes) AntVictFlowerBase.jpg (34359 bytes)

All original iron & brass parts

Base has had many coats of paint removed, and one coat of primer applied to keep Iron base from rusting.  Original ornate square embossed tubing (corners inverted).  New socket and 12' or 16' cord furnished.

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AntPaintedBridgeArm.jpg (32569 bytes) AntPaintedBridgeBase.jpg (53351 bytes)

Original unique iron bridge lamp.  New socket furnished.  All other pieces are in wonderful shape.  It came with a coat of brass colored paint which has not been disturbed.

Pole threads directly into base and bottom of bridge arm.  (not a separate piece of tubing.)  


SOLD   BridgeLampGothic.jpg (24238 bytes)  Click on pictures to enlarge to full size

Antique Gothic Bridge Lamp - all original iron pieces.  Twist pole is solid (cord must go on outside).  Intricate filigree work, to be restored  (partially refinished - rust cleaned off)   

AntiIronTop.jpg (16723 bytes) AntIronBase.jpg (24924 bytes) SOLD


  SqBase2.jpg (26404 bytes)   SqBase.jpg (39661 bytes)

8-1/4" Square Base, to be re-plated.  Nice piece for Bridge Lamp Base



SOLD CrossHatchBase.jpg (21617 bytes)  CrossHatchBlasted.jpg (33517 bytes) Paint has now been removed

Vintage Heavy Cast Floor Lamp Base with original  5" Onyx 



PkobBase.jpg (51060 bytes)  

This old cast metal base is 11" across bottom, 3-1/2" high, with 6" seating area. 

   There is a hole in the edge for the cord.  As is,    SOLD


CopperPieces.jpg (28144 bytes)

Vintage Copper-plated Iron Floor Lamp Base & Matching Column

Base is 11" diameter (threaded for 1/4 IP pipe), 3-1/2" high.  Column is 6" high.


CruddyOne.jpg (42271 bytes)

This sad-looking base has not been refinished yet, but underneath all the rust and old paint is a lovely piece of ornate ironwork.  11-3/4" diameter, 3" high, with 5" seating area.   Has place for foot switch.  When refinished it will be a dandy!


FloorBaseET.jpg (119778 bytes) FloorBaseET2.jpg (101827 bytes) Click to enlarge Floor Lamp Base with 5" seating area.  Can't tell for sure what metal it is - either Brass or heavy Aluminum.  Rings like Bell Brass when tapped on edge.  Center hole is threaded for 1/4 IPS standard floor lamp pipe.  Very detailed design.  Quality piece. 
RestoredLeafBase.jpg (55377 bytes) Restored Floor Lamp base (V)  
ShapedHexBase.jpg (23650 bytes) Antique Floor Lamp Base, heavy Cast Brass, shaped hexagon embossed design, with new 6" Onyx insert  

SquareLeaf.jpg (23823 bytes)   

Click on photos for larger view    SOLD


Floor or Bridge Lamp Base (V) Cast Iron (although it rings like Bronze),  Intricate leaf design,   5" inset for onyx or marble,  3" tall,  13" corner to corner, 9-1/2" side to side,  shaped sides, tapped for 1/4 IP pipe,  switch hole for bottom light.  Can be used as is without refinishing.  $50

Further descriptions and prices to come..... In the meantime... call if interested in any of these pieces
DecoArrowBase.jpg (22007 bytes) DecoArrow.jpg (36384 bytes)


(Click on pictures to enlarge) 

Art Deco  

3 pieces from old bridge lamp (V)   SOLD

RoundFloorBase.jpg (43496 bytes) Restored Floor Lamp Base (V)

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PinkMarble.jpg (22289 bytes) Pink Marble & Brass Base of Bridge Lamp (V)

Complete Lamp,  shipped disassembled.

PieBase.jpg (27783 bytes)   

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Floor Lamp Base (V) with 5" Original Onyx Insert. 


Column above onyx is new, and is not included 

SunflowerBase.jpg (54546 bytes) Cherub_Base.jpg (27921 bytes)

PkobBottom.jpg (40162 bytes)

The bottom is not pretty, but just needs a piece of felt to cover it.


Large Table lamp base, or Small floor lamp base (V) 

9-1/4" flat-to-flat;  10" point-to-point, 3" tall.  On underneath side, metal has flaw that won't be noticeable when bottom is covered with felt.    Base only 

Right:  11-1/2" tall Vintage Cherub column only  -

click on pictures to enlarge

WoodBridgeArm.jpg (42693 bytes) WoodBridgeBase.jpg (65618 bytes) Vintage Cast Iron Bridge Arm and Base with large threaded hole for ornate lathe-turned wood pole (still trying to remove umpteen coats of paint from wood pole.  When it is stripped, we'll put a picture of it on here.  After restoration, these pieces will be sold as a complete bridge lamp kit for you to assemble.  
SailingShipBridgeArm.jpg (86966 bytes) (L)  SailingShipBridgeArm2.jpg (98156 bytes) (R)

IronOctFilBaseTop.jpg (87652 bytes) Top

IronOctFilBaseBottom.jpg (71957 bytes) Under side


Very ornate Cast Iron Bridge Arm and Base (A) (click on the pictures to enlarge for detailed view)  

The Sailing Ships bridge arm and the filigree base are both in excellent condition, and will make an extraordinary bridge lamp.  Top row shows each side of the unusual bridge arm.   

The bridge arm and base have had many coats of paint blasted off, and now been primed.

These are circa 1920's pieces, and came off the same lamp, so they must stay together. 

IronBaseLattice.jpg (58188 bytes)IronBaseLatticeBottom.jpg (64165 bytes) SOLD  Bridge Lamp Base (A or V)

Cast Iron, ornate lattice open work design with scroll work.  "S672" stamped on bottom.  Very popular in the 1920's and 1930's.   9" diameter with feet 1-3/8" protruding on each corner.  Tapped for 1/4 IPS pipe.  Blasted years' of paint off...ready to be refinished.      SOLD

PrimedBase.jpg (19273 bytes)   SOLD Click on photos for larger view Floor Lamp Base (A), Ornate, Intricate Filigree, Cast Iron, Signed: "B52 Wellington Stone; Pat. Applied For".  Several old coats of paint were removed and has been primed with Boeing primer - will not rust again!  Very nice piece to be finished.  Tapped for 1/4 IP pipe.     SOLD
4DaisyBase.jpg (20725 bytes)   SOLD

Click on photos for larger view

Bridge Lamp Base (A) Cast Iron Stamped with "E1010".  9-7/8" diameter,  tapped for 1/4 IP, Four foot-pegs underneath, nice design with daisies and cross-hatch.  To be restored.    as shown.  SOLD
4LeafBase.jpg (23885 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view   SOLD Bridge Lamp Base (A, R) Cast Iron For light-weight Uno fitter or small glass shade, tapped for 1/4 IP pipe,  10-5/8" corner to corner of feet.  Very nice Leaf pattern,   SOLD
DecoCenter.jpg (19512 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view  SOLD  Floor or Bridge Lamp Base (V)  Heavy, nicely decorated center, tapped 1/4 IP, stamped on bottom "190",  11-1/2" 4-footed.   Cast Iron, to be refinished.   as is


OldWhite.jpg (18618 bytes)  SOLD  

Click on photos for larger view

Floor Lamp Base with Switch Hole for Bottom Light (A)  Cast Iron.  There is so much paint on this base it's hard to see the nice design.  (Click on image to see larger picture).   Stamped on the bottom is "#845", tapped for 1/4 IP pipe, raised feet, 11-1/2" point to point (9-3/4" round), with 5" inset for marble or onyx break, switch hole for bottom light.       SOLD
Octagon.jpg (21882 bytes)    SOLD

Click on photos for larger view

Octagon Floor Lamp Base (A) Cast Iron, stamped on the bottom "Mitchell M409".    Eight raised "button feet", cord hole, and switch hole for bottom light,  5" inset for onyx or marble break, tapped for 1/4 IP pipe, heavy.      SOLD
OldPlain.jpg (18651 bytes)    SOLD Click on photos for larger view Floor Lamp Base (V) Brass Four-footed, simple designed,  stamped "Fairmount #312" heavy base.  Tapped for 1/4 IP pipe.       SOLD
OldIronBase.jpg (23282 bytes)   SOLD

Click on photos for larger view

Cast Iron Floor or Bridge Lamp Base (A) 10" Round, heavily embossed, with rope design edge,  cord hole, stamped  "Salem Bros. NY" on bottom.  Needs to be blasted and refinished. 


6LegPlain.jpg (18956 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Floor Lamp Base to be Refinished (A) Brass,  simple style, marked "Colonial Premier Co., Chicago, IL  #953"    Tapped for 1/4 IP pipe, 10" round with six raised feet.  Original sticker still on bottom.     


Old_New_Top.jpg (28443 bytes) New Die Cast Metal Reproduction of 13" Antique Bridge Arm, #M1508 antique brass finish,

New Top Break #11420  6-3/4" tall,  Cast metal, antique brass finish,  

SOLD 1" Brass Ivy Embossed Tubing 

6" Onyx flat round insert

#10075 antique brass finish cast metal filigree Base with 6" inset, 2-1/4" high, 12-1/4" diameter, slips 1/4 IPS weight 5 pounds.  

Complete Bridge Lamp, using New Cast Metal Base #10075 Antique Brass finish, New 6" Onyx break, Vintage Column, 1" Ivy Embossed Tubing,  and Bridge Arm and Top Break shown in previous picture       SOLD

BridgeBase.jpg (21952 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Large Table Lamp Base, to be Refinished (V) Brass  Slips 1/8 IP pipe, stamped with number 8011 underneath,  9-1/2" point to point,  8-1/4" round. 


RoundHexBase.jpg (22460 bytes)   Antique Floor Lamp Base, heavy Cast Brass, rounded hexagon embossed design, with new Onyx insert 


3BrassBasesA.jpg (32383 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Victorian Style Table Lamp Bases (V) Top:  9-1/2" corner to corner,  4" inset, stamped #3001,  slips 1/8 IP pipe.   SOLD

Left: Copper-plated brass, stamped #67 on foot, heavy, 5-1/2" rounded square, slips 1/8 IP pipe.    SOLD  

Right: 8" corner-to-corner, 3/4" tapped center hole, 5-1/4" rounded square.       SOLD

BrassPair.jpg (24283 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view  SOLD  Matching PairTable Lamp Bases (V) Brass  5-3/4" bottom diameter, 4-1/2" top seating, heavy, stamped "L&L #7820" slip 1/8 IP pipe.  Price:     SOLD
BaseAntique_Hole.jpg (35557 bytes)   Table Lamp Base with night light hole, Cast Brass (?) or Cast Metal (magnet will not stick).   3" high, 7" spread,  4" insert recessed 1/4"    SOLD
BaseLipped.jpg (38552 bytes)   Ornate Table Lamp Base, Antique.    (MedCo, Inc.  NY 10 NY stamped on bottom). Cast Brass, night light hole, 4-1/8" insert recessed 3/4",  8" bottom, 2-1/4" high.  Cord hole.  
BridgeArm67.jpg (40257 bytes) SOLD  Cast Iron bridge arm:  Restoration started, but not finished.  Has been blasted to remove many coats of paint!  10-1/2" spread, 7" tall.   SOLD
3OldArms.jpg (27275 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Bridge Arms (A)   


See matching Break at Antique Lamp Parts page 2    

Butterfly:  6-1/4" tall, 11" long, with swivel          

Fleur de Lis:  5" tall, 13-1/4" long, with swivel  Cast Iron - need to be refinished.  SOLD 

OldArms.jpg (32594 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Bridge Arms (A)  Ornate old antiques that need to be refinished.   

Top:    Heavy, Cast Brass, Victorian, 7-1/4" tall, 11-1/2" long, requires Wing Nut Swivel.   SOLD

Bottom:  Pewter, 8-1/2" tall, 13" long.  Takes standard swivel. 

SilverBase.jpg (10007 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Silver Base for Table Lamp (V)  (a Pair in stock).  8" diameter, with 6" inset for onyx or marble break.  Silver from India.     
OldBirdArm.jpg (20897 bytes) Bird Bridge Arm (A) (R)  Cast Iron, 10-1/2" long, 5-5/8" tall, with Wing Nut Swivel.  Goes with Light-Weight Bridge Lamp Base shown below.     SOLD
SmBridgeBase.jpg (24227 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view Light-weight Bridge Lamp Base (A) (R) Cast Iron.  Matches Bird Bridge Arm shown above.  Base stamped "501-B" on bottom, tapped for 1/4 IP pipe.    SOLD
GothicTop.jpg (17502 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view    SOLD  SOLD

Bridge Arm (A) Art Deco, Goes with Base (shown next)  Cast Iron.  13-1/2" long, 7-1/2" tall, with Wing Nut Swivel.  All original.  Sold as a complete lamp only.    

GothicBottom.jpg (23631 bytes)   Click on photos for larger view  SOLD  SOLD

Bridge Lamp Base & Pole (A) Art Deco,  goes with bridge arm in picture above it.  Cast Iron, 11" point to point,  8" side to side, Hollow Twist Pole for cord to go inside,  stamped on bottom "SJ".  Total height of lamp 59".   All original.  Only needs to be cleaned and re-wired.   Sold as complete lamp only, 

SquareDeco.jpg (22100 bytes) 

Above:  This is what it looked like before.  

Below:  These pictures were taken after it was refinished.

SquareRefinished.jpg (41860 bytes)  SquareRefinished2.jpg (64398 bytes)  

  Click on photos for larger view




Square Floor Lamp Base (A)  SOLD

Stamped on bottom "KMC 197",  Brass Plated Iron  9-1/4" square 

(measuring from outside feet, 10-1/4" square).  Very ornate, with inset for flat marble or onyx break, tapped for 1/4 IP pipe.   After restoration: 

Here's what it looks like with 5" Onyx insert.

SquareWithOnyx.jpg (39937 bytes)


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